Yes, you read that title correctly. Vegan pulled pork. I know you’re thinking that seems impossible – and it is, this isn’t actually meat – instead, this recipe is made with jackfruit and mimics the taste and texture of real pulled pork. This is a delicious and easy to prepare recipe that’s perfect for potlucks. It’s guaranteed […]

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a picture of really really super adorable baby socks. This has been a public service announcement. Okay, but seriously, aren’t these just the sweetest ever? I found them this week and couldn’t resist buying them for my 4-month old niece. Unfortunately, she lives across the country […]

Not only is it a long weekend in Canada and the US, it’s the last long weekend of summer. Is there a better way to celebrate this than a last hurrah with good food and better friends? I personally can’t think of any. A few weeks ago, I thrifted a donut pan from a local […]

Hi everyone, My apologies for the lack of updates! I know, I know, if you’re a new blog trying to establish yourself, ideally you’re supposed to post every day. Unfortunately, 12 hour days at the office usually don’t leave that much time for either projects or blogging about them. But, I’ve got a lot of […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog lately. It’s just a little baby blog, so the possibilities are kind of endless. It could be anything. I find that to be both incredibly hopeful but extremely overwhelming. And so I’ve been trying to decide what it is that I want to get out of this experience, […]

Hi, my name is Kathryn and I am a stationary hoarder. (Hi Kathryn.) I have a stockpile of cards for occasions that won’t happen for months, I buy calendars from last year just for the pictures, and I can never really bring myself to throw out cards or letters that I receive. The question is always […]

Today was the perfect kind of lazy Saturday that I so often hear about but so rarely get to experience. After such a hectic week, I’m definitely not going to complain about a slow-motion weekend; slow to wake up, casual conversation over morning coffee, a late afternoon get-together with good friends – and baking! I had […]


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